Crystal Exquisite Bouquets

International Award for Crystal Bouquets Design!

Our Crystal Bouquets were sent to Geneva, Switzerland, to be judged at the International Inventors and Innovators Exhibition.

The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva is the inventions referenced annual event in the world. A unique opportunity for industrial and commercial companies, universities, inventors and researchers, associations, private and state organisations and institutions to present their inventions, the results of their research and their new products.

Jill, for her innovation of Crystal Bouquets as a Bridal Accessory was awarded, (by the 73 Judges), a Bronze Medal and Diplome Salon International Des Inventions Geneve!

The Original Recognised Inventor of Crystal Bouquets!

Floral Artistic Designs was established because of demand and in 1994 was made a registered business, after over 10 years in the bridal industry on a casual basis.
We made fresh, silk and dried floral bouquets for our brides. Then in 1999 with the creation of a crystal and diamond bouquet, the first of its kind in the world, Crystal Exquisite Bouquets was made a division Floral Artistic Designs. 

Jill, although the principal designer, has a team of qualified designers to assist her, and we are now able to cater to brides anywhere in the world with our crystal bouquets. We also supply the matching men’s bouttoniers to go with the bouquets, or they may be purchased separately.

Since 1997 we have now participated in over 100 bridal exhibitions, 8 parades each exhibition with the top Haute Couturier’s designer gowns in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

Our knowledge of the
strict requirements by these gown designers, to eliminate any damage to their gowns over the years, gives us a huge advantage over other crystal bouquet designers.


Crystal Bouquets Team

Jill @ Crystal Bouquets