The Guiliana Bouquet.

This is one of the most popular bouquets that we  have made in recent times. Yours for a modest price, and can be sent anywhere in the world






Tanya_and_Grandma_bokay.jpg Tanya_Bouquet.jpg

The Grandma's Bouquet, consists of a number of jewellery items from your grandmother's or mother's jewel box, that can be incorporated in your bouquet, making it extremely special for the bride.







Marjorie Edith Bouquet

is the original bouquet less the diamonds, that was the start of crystal bouquets being made an accessory to the bridal industry.







Tara Crystal Bouquet

The Tara Crystal Bouquet is one of the latest in  the Cinderella range. This is one of the first that comes in a matching set of bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids. It can also go with most color fabrics and gown styles and designs.

Depending on the gems and crystals chosen, these sets can be provided for under AU$2,000.




The Nina Bouquet 

This bouquet was made especially for a Melbourne model's wedding. The photographer was Yervant and he won international recognition for this photo. That bouquet now has pride of place in her house picking up the early morning sunlight and radiating rainbows throughout the room.







The Rio Bouquet

Made from various coloured beading to go with this Celtic gown made by Ealish Bridal. Very cost effective and can be made in other suitable beads of your choosing.







The Paui Shell Bouquet

 This is primarily a New Zealand bouquet with Paui shell and crystals. However the Paui shell can be replaced with beach shells from anywhere making it the ideal beach wedding bouquet.