The History of the Crystal Bouquet

    Jill Dyball, a Floral Designer, was preparing for a bridal show at Fox Studios in Sydney by the Australian Bridal Service. Over the years she had collected crystals from various places around the world, intending eventually to make an international lampshade, and had placed them in a hatbox. In June 1999 she re-discovered this box and, in unwrapping the crystals to see where the newspapers had come from, had unintentionally laid the crystals in the form of a bouquet.


   This sparked an idea that perhaps a total crystal bouquet would create some interest at the forthcoming bridal show and she rang Glenn Findlay, the promoter of the Australian Bridal Service, for permission to use this on the catwalk with designer gowns.

   At first he thought of crystals being inserted in a floral bouquet and then realized it was a bouquet of total crystal. After he saw the bouquet he decided that it could really be a Cinderella Bouquet if clusters of diamonds were added. This was arranged with a jeweler who placed them on long white gold stems and then Jill inserted them into the crown of the bouquet with this amazing result, a bouquet now worth AU$350,000 and a matching man’s boutonierre worth AU$60,000. It was seen at the Bridal Show in Sydney for six parades and then again two weeks later for eight parades in Melbourne, Australia. 

   Since that show crystal bouquets (without the diamonds) have gained their place in the bridal industry as an accessory, and each year brides are daring to be different’, getting away from the fresh flowers and keeping their crystal bouquets for ever. Gown designers are now using more crystals on their designs than ever before and the crystal web by Swarovski has been a tremendous success.

   In April 2006, three crystal bouquets were entered in the Inventors and Innovators Exhibition, held in Geneva, Switzerland. Out of 33 other submissions in that class, the crystal bouquets were awarded a bronze medal and diploma for their innovation.

   Our bouquets have been sent and taken, to many countries throughout the world,